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Admit it –you dream of owning one. Let’s face it – every stylish woman does.

Of the seven deadly sins, be it in orange county or anywhere in the world, a designer handbag can evoke reactions which are reflected in a number of them: Pride. Envy. Lust. Each and every one of these is justified.

Why do we adore designer handbags so much? Put simply, they are a luxury. They can represent many different things to different women: success, achievement, aspiration, celebration, style, elegance, class, sophistication and extravagance. They are also a clever tool for eliciting envy in our female contemporaries – and let’s face it, we women are a competitive breed. Nothing makes us feel as good as being the envy of others. A stunning designer handbag on your arm will achieve this every single time you step out. It’s a great way to show off in an understated way – and it will lift your entire look.

Pomeus is the new leader in the global designer handbag market. Our designer-inspired handbags are designed, created, and crafted to a style and quality that is second to none. Every piece is a classic, and every classic will be in style forever. With a Pomeus designer handbag, you can’t go wrong.

We believe that a woman can be sophisticated, classy, elegant and stylish regardless of the size of her pay check, and that every woman deserves to spoil herself and to be spoiled. And there is no better way to spoil a woman than with a designer handbag.

At Pomeus, our affordable designer handbags equal the most iconic handbags in the world in terms of their design, materials, craftsmanship, and style impact. We take enormous pride in our merchandise, and we know that you too will be utterly delighted with your Pomeus handbag. From the retro-inspired “Mesa” to the fun and funky “Love”; from the unique “Equinox” to the icon-in-waiting, “Capsule”; from the bohemian look of “Swan” to the modern lines of “Eye”  – and much, much more – you are guaranteed to fall in love with Pomeus handbags.

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