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Leather Handbags | Orange county | USA

The finest women’s leather handbags are crafted from genuine leather – and this is what we proudly offer you at Pomeus, located in Orange county USA.

Pomeus is home to the finest quality designer handbags available online anywhere in the world – and at a mere fraction of the price of many other suppliers. Our soft leather handbags are unique and eclectic in their design; classy, elegant, and stylish, we have a style to suit every woman and which is perfect for every occasion.

Genuine leather handbags are created to last a lifetime. Of quality that is far superior to other materials, soft leather handbags look wonderful, feel great to carry, and they even smell fantastic.  There is nothing like the luxury and look of a brand new leather handbag to fall in love with – a love affair which will endure for many, many years to come.

At Pomeus, our genuine leather handbags are innovatively designed and expertly crafted from rich, refined cowhide leather in an array of colors and textures. Cowhide leather is the premium material used in the creation of the most iconic designer handbags in the world today; derived from the skin of a cow, it is incredibly durable, soft, and has unique texture.  The interiors of all of our handbags are lined, some with zippered pockets and separate internal compartments. We offer a wide array of designs, from classic work bags to weekend tote styles and designer-inspired signature bags. From classic black to rich caramel; crimson to powder blue; vibrant yellow to latte, we have handbags to work with and enhance your entire wardrobe. From the workplace to the weekend; from a casual day out shopping to an elegant night out on the town, we have you covered.

Step out in style with an authentic and affordable Pomeus leather handbag – you will be seen as a trendsetter of the highest class, and you, like your handbag, will look expensive – even though, secretly, it was not!