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Luxury: the word in itself sounds rich. It refers to all things elegant, sumptuous, pleasurable, refined, beautiful and indulgent.

The finest things in life.

Pomeus is the epitome of luxury, and we bring you the very finest in luxury designer handbags at prices you will adore.

Little imparts the aesthetic in a woman’s ensemble with indulgence and sophistication so effectively as a designer handbag. A beautiful handbag can lift and enhance an outfit.

Our designer-inspired handbag collection epitomizes luxury and style. Our inspiration comes from the most iconic handbags from some of the world’s leading designers, yet with Pomeus’ signature and eclectic style – we are not simply copying the icons, we are creating our own. Our uniquely designed luxury handbags are beautifully crafted from genuine, soft cowhide leather to the highest of quality, with workmanship, finish, and detailing that is second to none.

Yes, you can own your own luxury designer handbag! In fact, thanks to Pomeus, you can have your own designer-inspired handbag collection, and without the need to break the bank. Even better, you will own a piece (or a few) that stands out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

In addition to luxury designer handbags, Pomeus also offers a beautiful range of luxury jewelry at incredibly affordable prices. Our fine, premium quality jewelry range includes unique rings, earrings, pendants, and charms, sold separately or in sets, and pieces are set in fine 18K white, yellow, or rose gold, or sterling silver. Gemstone rings can be set in ¼, 1/3, or ½ carat sizes.

If you wish to inject a little luxury into your life, browse our full range at Pomeus today. Style, sophistication, class and luxury are not the purview of the very rich and so-called elite. We believe that everyone deserves luxury in their world, and we are committed to helping make it happen for you with our beautiful handbags and jewelry.