Caring for your Genuine Leather Handbag

You have purchased a beautiful genuine leather designer-inspired handbag. It is very special and luxurious, and it deserves to be treated as such.

Here are some simple steps to protecting, caring for, and preserving your luxury handbag so that it lasts forever…


Your leather handbag is an organic item. It is made from animal skin – cowhide to be exact when you purchase a handbag from Pomeus. These leather handbags are premium grade; some are buffed, others are natural.

  • Clean your soft leather handbag with a soft cloth and premium leather cleaner. Be careful of hardware adhered to the handbag. The appearance of the handbag will be preserved and enhanced if you wipe it over with a soft dry cloth on a regular basis. Never use water with detergents, as these can stain or alter the appearance of the leather.
  • Remember to clean out the inside of the handbag as well – removing crumbs and other debris.
  • Don’t overfill your handbag.
  • Condition the leather with a commercial leather conditioner, dabbed onto a soft cloth and wiped all over. Do this on a monthly basis.
  • Be careful carrying your genuine leather handbag outside in the rain. Leather is permeable and can’t be fully waterproofed without staining the product. A spray protectant is the best option. If your leather bag does get wet, never place near a heater or use a hairdryer to dry it – let it dry naturally.
  • Store your handbag on a shelf, encased in its original dust bag or a cotton pillow slip, and in its original box in a cool, dark and dry place. When not in use, fill it with tissue paper stuffing. This will help it to retain its shape.
  • Air the bag once a fortnight to avoid mold growth.
  • Rotate your handbags.
  • Avoid leaving your bag for extended periods exposed to direct or harsh sunlight. These can dry and fade the leather.
  • Never store your handbag in plastic – this will encourage growth of bacteria and mildew.

With some love and attention, your leather handbag will last a lifetime, looking, feeling and smelling as great as it did on the day you bought it.