Choosing the Perfect Handbag

Whether you are shopping for an affordable, designer inspired handbag or the much more expensive real thing, there are some things to look for to get the fit for you just right. One woman’s perfect handbag will not necessarily be the same for another woman. A handbag that doesn’t fit you ergonomically or aesthetically, no matter how great it is, will not be worth what you are spending.


Here is a very basic list of things to consider when you shop for a new handbag.

  • Style: no matter how gorgeous the handbag is when you see it online or in the store window, is it you? A woman whose personal style is polished will not fit well with a handbag that is boho – and vice versa.


  • Purpose: is the handbag for work, weekend use, or more dressy, formal occasion wear? A work handbag will more likely be a classic design with room for a small tablet or documents. A weekend bag or one used for travelling might be lightweight and have a cross-body strap for comfort and security.


  • Fit for your Body:
  1. Choose a bag that is flattering to your body type. Size should be proportional: a petite and short woman will better suit and look taller with a smaller rectangular handbag. Tall and slender women look best with mid-size or oversized rounded handbags.
  2. Remember that the position on the body where the bottom of the handbag sits will be accentuated by the handbag.
  3. Handbags that are short of strap enhance the bust
  4. Handbags that hang to mid-torso are universally flattering
  5. Pear shaped women look balanced with a satchel style that sits between the waist and hips.
  6. Add curves with a hobo style shoulder bag that falls to the waist


  • Craftsmanship: look for
  1. Consistent quality seams and stitching
  2. Stitched strap connections
  3. Fewer parts and seams (buttons, snaps, latches)
  4. High quality zippers and hardware
  5. Fine detailing, including hardware feet, key fob, zipper pull, and closures on exterior pockets


  • Things to Avoid
  1. Too many useless compartments, especially if they are very small
  2. Straps that are too long or short and not adjustable
  3. Straps that are too thin – they will be uncomfortable
  4. A handbag that is too heavy or cumbersome
  5. A handbag crafted from flimsy or poor quality materials


A great leather handbag is one that you love, that suits you, feels comfortable, and is crafted to perfection. Shop with us at Pomeus for the very best affordable handbags online.