Gold or Silver?

As well as beautiful soft leather handbags, Pomeus offers a range of delicate, custom designed jewelry to delight women and girls of all ages. Our jewelry comes in gold and silver. Which you choose depends upon personal preference, as well as which will suit you the most.

Most of us ladies lean more towards one or the other, but did you know that, based on your skin tone, either gold or silver will suit you better? It all comes down to the undertone in your skin.

It all comes down to whether your underlying skin tone and coloring is Warm or Cool.

Warm tones have an underlying dominant warmth to the eyes, hair, and skin. They look better in colors with an underlying yellow tone, as opposed to an underlying blue tone. The skin looks flat if silver, platinum, or white gold is worn, yet yellow gold and bronze make the person come to life and look wonderful. Warm tones tend to have blonde, red, brunette or black hair with natural golden highlights, a peachy or yellow undertone to the skin, and eyes that are earthy in hue or are a warmish blue.

Cool tones have an underlying dominant coolness to the hair, skin, and eyes, and look better in blue undertones. Yellow gold flattens their look, whereas silver, white gold and platinum enhances their look and brings them to life. Rose gold also looks lovely on Cool tones. Cool tones tend to have coolness to skin that it black, olive, ivory or pale white. Hair is naturally cool or ashy under-toned and black, dark brown, white blonde, salt and pepper or silver. Eyes are cool and jewel-like: dark brown, black, cool blue, green hazel, green, gray or violet.

How can you quickly determine whether you are a Warm or Cool?


  1. Look at your veins in your wrist. Do they look greenish? If so, you are Warm. Do they appear blue or purple? Then you are Cool.
  1. Does gold metal worn at the neck make you glow and look vibrant? You are Warm.
  1. Does silver metal worn at the neck light you up, making your face look fresh and luminous? You are Cool.


A few people fall into the Neutral range, with no dominance of cool or warm. These lucky ones can look equally good in gold or silver.

Making the right choice between gold and silver, based on your own personal coloring, can make an enormous difference to the end result when you wear your jewelry. The correct match for your skin tone will leave a lasting, positive impact – and you will love wearing your jewelry all the more.