Handbag Do’s and Don’ts

The right choice of handbag will pull your entire look together and set you apart from the pack. The wrong choice in handbag can ruin your whole look.

Follow these simple guidelines to help get it right every time:

  • Choose a handbag for a pop of color with a neutral clothing ensemble
  • Tote-style bags are best worn with casual clothing
  • If using a tote for work, select a more neutral hue to better compose with a professional look
  • Never use a tote when attending a dressy occasion
  • A shoulder bag strap should never be so long that the bag hands below the hip
  • If dressing more formally, only use a shoulder bag if it is small and with a very thin strap or chain.
  • Only carry the essentials in your handbag, not matter its size; and choose the size according to what you need to carry. If you can see lumps and bumps of possessions through the bag, choose a larger bag.
  • Carry a small evening bag or clutch for night time and formal occasions
  • Choose quality every time; genuine leather handbags look and smell great and will last a long time
  • Only carry cross-body bags for casual wear
  • Choose a shape that is sleek and sophisticated
  • Unique detailing is a great way to express your personal aesthetic
  • Don’t but cheap knock-offs and expect them to look anything but just that – cheap.
  • Choose a strap style that you are comfortable with
  • Choose a handbag that will be versatile for you and your lifestyle
  • Look after your handbag

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