If you’re a woman, there is a very good chance that you enjoy your own little -love affair with handbags. From eclectic styles to designer-inspired genuine leather handbags, there is something to delight all of us.

Here is a fun and informative look at some facts about handbags you might not have known…

  • The term “handbag” was first used in the early 1900’s, and it referred to a man’s briefcase.


  • In the 1400’s, a bridegroom traditionally gave the gift of a purse to his bride on the occasion of their wedding. These handbags were embroidered with illustrated love stories.

Wedding Gift


  • If given the opportunity to select just one designer item, 22% of women will choose a handbag.


  • The average woman is said to own six handbags; a recent English study, however, found that the average thirty year old woman owns a staggering twenty one handbags, and buys a new one four times a year!


  • The first handbag in the world to feature a zipper closure was the Hermes Bolide Bag in 1923.


  • Interestingly, when choosing a handbag, men are more inclined to be swayed by the brand, while women are generally more inspired by design and craftsmanship.


  • In the 1940’s, can bag handles were common. Why? Post-WWII leather shortages forced designer Gucci into using cane for handles and others followed suit.


  • The average woman’s handbag (with contents) weighs between three and five pounds, and is getting heavier.


  • The first most expensive handbag in the world was a purse created in 2008. The Japanese designer created it from platinum, and it was embellished with more than two thousand diamonds. The price tag? More than $2 million. This was followed in 2010 by the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse – priced at almost $4 million.

Mouawad 1001


  • The most expensive consumer handbags in the world are those created by Hermes, with price tags varying from ten and one hundred and twenty thousand dollars apiece. One factor which dictated these astronomical prices is the materials used: ostrich, alligator and calfskin.


  • Louis Vuitton uses a lot of canvas in preference to leather: the LV Speedy purse is canvas with leather only used for the trim and handles.


  • Shoulder bags became popular for the first time during WWII.


  • Some psychologists believe that the way a woman carries her handbag is very telling… how do you prefer to carry yours?

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