Pop of Color for Winter

We tend to equate vibrant hues for accessories with spring and summer, with heavier colors reserved for the colder months. How many of us exclusively carry a black or brown leather handbag during winter?

What many women don’t realize is that winter is the perfect time to bring out a dramatic pop of color for winter with a bright handbag. It’s the perfect antidote to the drabber, darker colors and heavier clothing we wear over the winter months.

Equinox Handbag

When it comes to what works, as long as your handbag is of high quality leather, color-wise, anything goes. Red is timeless for a handbag, and this season hues such as teal and deep purple are also very fashionable. Cream or winter white tones look great against dark winter clothing, or for the more understated woman, a gray or brown handbag is a neutral but more interesting alternative to black.

Jewel tones work particularly well against a winter clothing palette, and these can be too heavy for spring and summer, so winter is the time to let them shine.

Here is a basic styling guide:

Handbag Color Looks Best
Black Classic styles in soft genuine leather
Brown, Camel, Ivory Alongside any hue, choose high quality
Reds Patent or textured leather and worn with neutral clothing
Purples Classic winter aesthetic; silver hardware and embellishments
Blues With silver hardware


Choose a color that speaks to your personality and appeals to your own sense of style. It should coordinate well with your wardrobe, and accent trims do work well. The above basic colors work well against dark greens, mustards, and autumn oranges.

For winter wear, generally avoid hot pinks, warm pastels, and spring verdant greens. Winter pastels should be icy cold.


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