The Top Handbags Every Woman Should Own

Some women own dozens of handbags of varying quality; others use just one handbag to death. But every woman should have some basic pieces in her handbag wardrobe, and with Pomeus it’s easy to get your collection of high quality, designer inspired handbags started.

The below list of handbag styles will have you covered for all occasions…

Neutral Tote

This structured day tote bag will go with any outfit and see you from work to lunch to a dressier day occasion. In any of an array of classic neutral colors, it will suit any outfit and any season.

Classic Black Day Bag

Every woman should own a classic black, genuine leather handbag. It is timeless in style and when purchased at high quality, you will carry it season after season.

Weekend Casual Handbag

This will, as often as not, be a tote bag. It can work overtime as a shopping bag, a gym bag, a diaper bag, and even carry-on for plane travel. It is comfortable to carry on your shoulder and large enough to fit everything you might need – including a light sweater and a book or laptop.

Cross Body Handbag

The cross body handbag is convenience and security personified. It allows you to shop and commute hands-free, and there is no risk of your bag being easily snatched. It works with a casual and more relaxed overall look, and is great for travelling. Any small to medium-sized handbag with a long strap will work as a cross body design.

Colorful Signature Bag

This is what Pomeus does best. Choose a style and color that reflects your own aesthetic and personality. The right signature bag will help you depict a style all your own.

Embellished Evening Bag

This can be a clutch, on a long shoulder strap or chain, or a hand-held bag. What sets it apart is that it is small enough to hold only the essentials and is a little more special than a day bag. This decoration may be in the form of embellishments or luxe materials such as silk, lace, or sparkles.

Browse our designer inspired handbags range today at Pomeus for a head start to your ideal handbag wardrobe…