One of the most popular handbag styles is the Tote Bag.

Traditionally, a tote bag is a large handbag with parallel handles which in most cases arise from the sides of the pouch.

The word “tote” means “to carry” and was first used to describe handbags in about 1900. In 1944, the L.L. Bean Boat Bag was released and the tote bag craze was born. Easier to handle than luggage, many people chose to use tote bags and by the 1950’s their use was very mainstream. Originally crafted from heavy canvas, women used them for practical purposes and the tote bag only became a style staple in the 1960’s. Cashin Carry Tote Bags became popular, and these combined functionality with great personal style.


In the 1990’s, Kate Spade revolutionized tote bags by using them as fashion forward accessories.

Today, tote bags come in an array of materials, including canvas, leather, jute, and synthetic materials. Many inexpensive totes are made from processed natural fibers or recycled materials, and it is common to see branded cheap versions used as marketing materials. Environmentally conscious shoppers are opting to use a canvas tote in preference to plastic shopping bags, and many high end designers have taken inspiration from the humble tote for their signature pieces. The Louis Vuitton tote is a classic example of this.

The tote bag has even found fame in TV-land, with Kyra Sedgwick’s character on The Closer famously carrying the same, generic black tote bag throughout all seven seasons of the series. It even inspired its own designer-created copy made for the public.

No woman’s accessories wardrobe is complete without at least one tote bag…

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