The World’s Most Iconic Handbags

A beautiful handbag is a work of art; whether it’s a $50,000 designer handbag or a designer-inspired piece at a fraction of the price, a gorgeously crafted genuine leather handbag speaks for itself.

Whether you lust after an Hermes or treat yourself to one of our Pomeus soft leather handbags, your handbag says as much about you as do your clothing, hairstyle, jewellery and shoes – and so much more. And almost every woman wants to own her own personal version of an “It” bag.

An “It” bag is a classic and iconic handbag which has never gone out of style, usually made famous by a famous owner. The price tag on these alone makes many of these out of reach for mere mortals.

Hermes Birkin

French model and actress Jane Birkin inadvertently complained about her handbag to a stranger on a train. That stranger was the CEO of Hermes. He went on to create a bag to her specifications and “The Birkin” was born.


Hermes Kelly

The first prototype of this design was created as a saddle bag in 1892, and in 1923 Hermes created the smaller version for his wife. In the 1930’s it was reborn as a travel bag called Sac a depeches. Grace Kelly carried one in the Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief and loved it so much she used one to shield her pregnant abdomen as Princess of Monaco. The handbag was renamed the Kelly in 1977.


Louis Vuitton Speedy

This bag was created in the 1930’s to carry bottles of champagne. Audrey Hepburn loved it and made it famous as a handbag, and it has been owned and loved by others including Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Montgomery.


Gucci Jackie

This hobo style handbag was created in 1947, and became famous when the former First Lady of the US was photographed carrying it many times in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Light, unlined, it was soft and versatile and perfect for travelling.


The great news is that you need not be royalty or a movie star to carry a stunning and stylish genuine leather handbag. Pomeus designer handbags are unique, crafted to perfection, and surely destined to become something of an icon in their own right. Better still, they are priced affordably. Look closely at the range, and you will see how our handbags have been inspired by these and other icons.

Which Pomeus handbag design do you think has what it takes to become iconic for you?