Top Handbag Style Essentials

Handbags are a style and wardrobe essential, and every woman should have a range of pieces which suit a variety of looks and purposes.

As much as shoes, a woman has a relationship with a handbag, and every handbag a woman purchases should evoke wonderful feelings. If you don’t love a handbag on sight, don’t buy it.

Top quality handbags are worth every penny you spend; with care, they should last many, many years. Choose well, and it will not date, and you will enjoy your handbag for decades.


Here are the top handbag styles every woman should have at least one of in her accessories wardrobe:

Workbag: this handbag is for everyday use, and needs to be practical as well as stylish and polished in look yet understated. Since it will get so much use, choose a handbag that is made of a sturdy material, well constructed to high quality, and of a versatile color (such as black, chocolate, camel, or red).  It should be structured in style, and large enough to fit A4-size documents easily. Internal zippered sections are desirable.


Cross-Body Bag: a small handbag for the bare essentials, the cross-body bag has the benefit and convenience of being hands-free yet secure.

Satchel: satchel-style bags were originally intended for carrying books. Never going out of style, the satchel can also be worn cross-body, but is larger than the aforementioned cross-body bag. Boxy and generally unisex, it has acquired cult-status amongst those in the know.

Signature Bag: every girl needs a signature bag that she absolutely adores and which reflects her personality. It should be considered an investment and a piece that works beautifully and effortlessly with the majority of one’s wardrobe.


Tote: the tote bag is a versatile all-purpose bag which is perfect for weekend, shopping, and vacation use. Choose a style to suit your overall look, but remember it needs to be big enough to easily fit your wallet, phone, a book, makeup and essentials, a light cardigan or sweater, and even a pair of flats or small laptop.

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Clutch: the clutch is generally considered to be an after-hours bag. Chic and fun, it fits just the essentials for a night out or special occasion (phone, credit cards, a little money, keys, and a lipstick), and it should reflect its intended use with a bold color, embellishments, or unique material and design.



There are many handbag styles, but the discerning buyer will choose those styles which will stand the test of time. Luxury handbags made of genuine leather and with elegant designer hardware and top quality craftsmanship will last a virtual lifetime if loved and cared for.

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