What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

It is said that a lot can be surmised about a person by the style and state of their shoes. This is true – but what about a woman’s handbag? What kind of message does one’s handbag send?

You need only look at some famous people and the style of handbags they are renowned for carrying to know what we are talking about. Consider Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her ubiquitous, no nonsense, basic but high quality handbags worn slung over her forearm. Consider The Duchess of Cambridge and her favored small clutch styles. You’d expect to see the likes of Nicole Ritchie with a boho style bag, while Victoria Beckham and a boho style just seems wrong.

For example, The Clutch suggests a poised, classy woman who doesn’t feel the need for two spare hands. She needs to carry only life’s basic essentials at any given moment. A big soft leather tote bag works beautifully with a relaxed vibe. A satchel style suggests a woman with a love of all things literary or studious. The It Bag is the purview of the woman who sees her handbag as the glue which ties together her entire look.


Now there are It Bags, and there are IT Bags.

Any designer-inspired bag can become a classic It Bag for its owner; this genuine leather handbag is stylish and sophisticated and very, very classy. It may be quite unique and for that, even the better. Pomeus specialises in the It Bag at prices us mere mortals can afford. They grab attention but in a subtle way. It’s a “look at me” as opposed to “LOOK AT ME!!!!”

 IT Bags, on the other hand, are worth a small mortgage, and the owner wants you to not just admire the handbag, but to know how much it cost and exactly where it came from. If it’s a well known designer bag with an obvious logo, it screams “Look! Look! Look! I got my first designer bag!!”

A classy and sophisticated woman doesn’t need to be quite so showy. A gorgeous quality handbag can speak for itself without screaming from the rooftops.

The good news for us girls is that we can own a prestige collection of beautiful, genuine leather handbags at affordable prices from Pomeus. These designer-inspired handbags suit a range of styles and there is a bag that is perfect for every woman, no matter her age or personal style. Better still, you can carry a Pomeus designer handbag, look amazing and classically chic, yet not be wearing the same handbag as every other woman on the street. The Pomeus woman is stylish, classy, boho, eclectic, elegant and sophisticated. She is whoever she wants to be on the day. Order your first Pomeus handbag today – you will never look back.


A woman’s handbag is an extension of who she is (and the contents tell as much as the bag itself – but that is another story, for another time)…