Why are Genuine Leather Handbags so Appealing?

Of all the materials used for crafting handbags, genuine leather is most prized overall.  Genuine leather is versatile and of great quality that lasts.

There is a range of genuine leather types used for creating handbags. These include:

  • Cowhide – from the skin of cattle, handbags and purses crafted from cowhide are more durable than purses made from other leather varieties. There is usual texture to the hide.
  • Lambskin – from a young sheep, these items are usually smaller. The texture is soft and smooth, and the hide is not as durable as cowhide, being prone to scratching, indentation, and tearing.
  • Patch Leather is used to create handbags and other items from smaller pieces of lambskin or cowhide that have been patched together. The hide can be of high quality but will not command the high prices that a whole single piece of leather will.

Cowhide is the best leather to use for handbags and backpacks as it offers durability and quality feel and look.

How do you know leather handbags are of high quality?

A quality genuine leather handbag will have the following characteristics:

  1. The color of the leather handbag will be consistent and not at all blotchy, though there may be natural variations in the hide.
  2. The leather will feel soft and supple, as opposed to stiff. Leather that is stiff has been treated with coating to hide imperfections.
  3. Natural leather will have subtle creases
  4. The distinct natural leather smell will be present.
  5. If the leather feels too smooth or like plastic, it is probably faux leather, or pleather.

Genuine leather goods are created to last a lifetime. With care they will do so. Additionally, when you purchase leather that has been sourced from a cow or lamb, you know that the entire animal is being used – not just its skin.


A beautiful genuine leather handbag, as sold at Pomeus, is an investment in not only quality but also innovative style and design. Buy yours today.