Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Your Designer Handbag Fetish

Designer handbags are a luxury. They can be incredibly expensive. Men can’t understand the fuss. Why do women love their handbags so much? Why are too many handbags never enough? Why are they worth spending up big on?

Here are our top reasons why you should never feel guilty for your obsession with designer handbags:

  • You are not alone: there are actually waitlists for many of the top designer handbags – and they sell for many tens of thousands of dollars. You want to spend just a few hundred dollars on a top notch handbag? Do so guilt-free!



  • A beautiful, premium quality soft leather handbag will last a lifetime, with some tender loving care. You may be older or younger, plus size or thin, tall or short; it may be winter or summer. Your bag will look and feel fabulous regardless.


  • Your bag says a lot about who you are – both its contents, and in and of itself. Choose a handbag of quality that reflects your personality – who you want to be on the day (because let’s face it, many of us are “different people on different days”; we all have various sides of ourselves and it’s fun to give them all some time out to play. Monday’s classy business woman might just be Saturday’s bohemian goddess). To achieve this, one handbag will never be enough.


  • A great designer-inspired handbag can make an entire outfit. Likewise, a poor quality, tired old unloved handbag can bring even the best outfit down with a thud. The perfect handbag can make even jeans and a plain cheap tee look high class and polished.


  • You will be the envy of every woman who crosses your path. We girls notice these things. Shoes and handbags stand out – and while women check out entire outfits, it’s footwear and handbags that garner the most interest and which we most covet when we see something we love.


  • Quality speaks volumes. A genuine leather handbag stands head and shoulders above cheaper knock-offs and will be noticed for all the right reasons. It looks, feels, and even smells high class.


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